Hay warming causes danger

Fermentation is inevitable for fresh hay, and auto-combustion is its unpredictable consequence. Hay moisture and harvesting weather change from year to year, even from field to field. The risk is present even for the most experienced and most cautious farmer.


Heat spoils the fodder

Hay fermentation does not only cause fire risks, but it also reduces hay quality. Once hay has reached 50°C (120°F) temperature, its digestibility and nutritional values are significantly and irreversibly lowered. Continuous temperature monitoring over the fermentation period provides an quality indicator for individual hay bales.

How does the HAYTECH system work?

The probes of the HAYTECH system measure the hay temperature and you can see the temperature status in the Haytech.net monitoring application. In case of overheating you will receive alert SMS messages to your mobile phone.

How does the HAYTECH system for loose hay work?

HAYTECH monitors the hay temperature and warns you about abnormal conditions. Our wireless temperature monitoring probes are fully customizable up to 250 cmmaking them a great fit for all different sized farms and hay storage facilities. 

An eye on your woodchips 24/7

Through our online platform you can monitor the real time status of you wireless woodchip sensors anywhere, around the clock. If the temperature is not right, the Quanturi system will alert you so you can take immediate action. This automated system requires much less manual work than any other monitoring solutions.