How does the HAYTECH system work?

The probes of the HAYTECH system measure the hay temperature and you can see the temperature status on the monitoring application. In case of any overheating, you will receive SMS warning and alert messages on your mobile phone.


  1. Sensor probes measure the hay temperature on 24/7 basis. 
  2. The Relay communicates wirelessly with the sensors.
  3. The Base Station receives the measurement data from the Relay and sends it to the service on the internet. 
  4. SMS Alert messages will be sent to your mobile phone if needed. 
  5. The application visualizes the temperature statuses of the sensor probes.


The probes communicate wirelessly

Each HAYTECH probe measures the hay temperature regularly every hour. The Relay unit, located inside or nearby the hay storage, collects the measurement data and transmits it wirelessly to your HAYTECH Base Station. The Base Station forwards the data to the secure server, which sends possible warning and alert messages to your phone and displays the temperature status on the service.

Reaching your hay storage

The Base station is plugged into your closest home or office Internet connection (e.g. the broadband modem) or connected through your WiFi. 


The Relay is installed within or nearby your hay storage. The Relay needs a power supply, either from the mains or from an external power source like a battery or solar panel. The Relay can reach the Base Station over a distance of up to 500 meters, depending on obstructions on the landscape. For example, buildings, hills or vegetation located between the Reader and the Base Station will naturally weaken the signal reception. 


Several Relays can be installed to cover several storage areas around the farm – the Base Station can reach all the Relays of your hay storage within range.

How many probes are needed?

Every additional sensor probe improves situation awareness. The safest plan is to place one in each bale. However, even monitoring a portion of the haystack will increase the situation awareness compared to manual temperature sampling.

Alerts and online services

The HAYTECH monitoring system comes with an SMS messaging service for warning and alert messages. You will receive a warning message when the temperature of a sensor rises to 58°C or above. An alert message is dispatched when the temperature rises above 68 °C. Additional messages will be sent as the temperature continues to rise within these temperature zones. In the HAYTECH Pro Service Plan the default temperature limits are configurable. 


The web application displays the temperature status of all the sensor probes. The available functionalities of the web application depend on the chosen Service Plan.