Quanturi and Supertech Agroline: new partnership to improve grain monitoring during storage

Quanturi, the Finnish Agtech company, frontrunner in IoT solutions for stored commodities, and Supertech Agroline, a Danish company, leader in measuring equipment for grain silo bins, have signed a partnership to integrate Agrolog products into Quanturi's grain monitoring systems.

Espoo, April 26, 2021 - "We wanted to partner with Supertech Agroline to widen our offering in grain monitoring. Our systems provide monitoring of hay, compost and grain stored in flat storages and Supertech Agroline is bringing us their Agrolog technology for vertical silos.” says Nadine Pesonen, CEO of Quanturi, adding that "Thanks to this partnership, we can respond to all grain storage configurations and thus offer a complete solution for monitoring granaries under one single interface."

Quanturi is also launching a unique and innovative Decision Support Tool (DST) that brings complete supervision of grain during the whole storage period. This DST based on a Machine Learning algorithm automatically adapts to the drying and cooling phases of the grain to detect any warming or abnormal situation and thus alert the user. The monitoring interface also provides manual and automatic aeration control functionalities to preserve grain quality and optimize energy costs. Other services include visualization of grain temperature distribution over multiple levels, overview of silos from a same site, and specific alerts for each type of grain.

Known for their temperature, humidity, CO2, and level sensors in silos, Supertech Agroline provides complementary solutions to Quanturi systems. This new sensor data enriches Quanturi’s monitoring platform dedicated to granaries.

This partnership, respectful of the Data-Agri charter, is part of Quanturi's development strategy. Quanturi aims to open its agricultural data collection platform to provide Agritech solutions with high added value. This approach is a new step towards system interoperability that benefits all players in the agricultural field.

"Available in May, our monitoring platform is intuitive and accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet.” says Nadine Pesonen. With exponential growth over the last 3 years, Quanturi has expanded its sales team and now has 7 sales managers dedicated to the global market.