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At Quanturi, we believe that you are our lookout. You guide us in developing and releasing reliable, robust and practical products that correspond best to your needs. We always seek you out to talk and to listen to your insights and involve you in our product development.


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The scent of baked bread


Once there was a girl – a daughter and grand­daughter of farmers. She spent her childhood in a small village, walking the fields among the cows, driving tractors and stacking up hay bales. With her father she frequently probed the stacks of hay bales with a long thermometer. The scent of freshly baked bread emanating from hay – the first sign of hay fermentation – will forever be a memory of her childhood.


25 years later, her brother took over the family business. Shortly after, without any early warning signs, he lost his barn to a fire caused by a spontaneously-combusted hay bale. The girl – now grown up into a scientist – promised to find a solution to prevent this scourge.


And she did it.

Quanturi Ltd


Quanturi Ltd is a Finnish company founded in 2016. Quanturi’s mission is to provide a new outlook on fermentable materials by providing advanced monitoring and data analysis solutions to industries working with these materials. Quanturi aims to ensure that fermentable materials are safe and of the highest quality.