Wireless Compost Temperature Monitoring

Quanturi is the leading expert in monitoring fermentable materials.

Compost Temperature Monitoring is key !


The temperature of fermentable materials has a direct impact on the quality. Compost needs to exceed 50-70°C to be safe for use. 


Our temperature probes are wireless, extremely robust, solid and durable; Hence allowing the user to keep track of temperatures in composting materials.


Suitable for open windrow and in-vessel operations, it provides evidence the product has reached required temperatures during the composting process, complying with relevant regulations.

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Easy to set up, easy to use

Place the sensor probes inside the compost at the time of storage. The temperature monitoring will start automatically.

Real-time monitoring

Check the real-time compost storage status anytime with the web application on your computer, phone or tablet.

Export monitoring data

You can export the monitoring data and create reports for authorities.

How does the wireless system work ?


1. Wireless sensor probes measure the compost temperature on 24/7 basis.

2. The Base Station receives the measurement data and sends it to the Haytech.net service.

3. Export the monitoring data and create reports.

4. The Haytech.net application visualizes the temperature statuses of the sensor probes. 


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Benefits Of Quanturi Wireless Compost System

Avoid the time consuming, tedious and expensive task of manual monitoring. Visualize and print your data instantly !

Reduce work accidents: less contact with the gases emanating from compost heaps.

Easy to use system with wireless probes, that are easy to insert, well visible and differentiable from the compost.