Wireless 24/7 grain monitoring

Quanturi Temperature monitoring system for grain silos and bulk storage.

Grain quality control made easy


Eye on your grain, 24/7

With our online platform you can monitor the real-time temperature status of your grain anywhere, around the clock. If the temperature is not right, the Quanturi system will alert you via SMS so you can take immediate action.


Access your temperature records

Through the automated Quanturi system you can easily access the temperature records that ensure your grain‘s compliance with assurance schemes and regulations without the hassle of manually monitoring and documenting your grain temperature history.


Sensors that fit any facility

Our wireless industrial grain temperature measurement sensors are customizable to any size up to 250 cm, making them perfect for any silos and bulk storages.

Get started with the award-winning Quanturi grain monitoring system

The Quanturi grain system includes

Customizable probes for any size facility

Our wireless grain temperature monitoring probes are fully customizable up to 250 cm, making them a great fit for all different sized silos and bulk storage facilities. Give our sales representatives a call to find the optimal solution for your facility.

Online temperature records

You can easily access your past and present grain temperature monitoring records with the Quanturi system. The records ensure your grain compliance with assurance schemes and regulations. Haytech.net can be used through a web browser on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

SMS alert service

Set the temperatures at the desired levels on your haytech.net account and you will be alerted via SMS if necessary so you can take action right away.

How to get started with the wireless Quanturi grain sensors


1) Contact our team

Every facility is different – so are your probes. Contact us and describe your storage setup. We will find you the perfect solution.


2) Set up your system

Once you receive your Quanturi shipment, set the system up according to the instructions. Our team is happy to help with any issues.


3) Let Quanturi work for you

You can access your past and present temperature records anytime you need to through the haytech.net online platform. Your customizable temperature alerts will be sent via SMS.

For more information,

please do not hesitate to contact our team or our local representatives.