The single solution for preventing hay fires and improving quality

Easy and affordable hay monitoring


HAYTECH is a wireless temperature monitoring system for fodder. It is easy to use – just insert sensor probes into the hay bales you want to monitor. The probes communicate wirelessly with the base station unit, connected to the Internet. Text message alerts will be automatically sent to your mobile phone if the temperature progression needs your attention. With HAYTECH, you have one thing less to worry about.

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Place the probes

Place sensor probes inside hay bales at the time of storage. The temperature monitoring starts automatically.

Real-time monitoring

Check the real-time hay storage status anytime with the Haytech.net web application.

Get alert messages

You will receive alert messages if any abnormal hay temperatures are recorded.

HAYTECH products and services

Sensor probes that last from season to season

The robust HAYTECH hay probe is designed for convenient handling and easy insertion into hay bales. The probes have several years of maintenance-free lifetime, which can be extended with a replaceable battery.

24/7 monitoring of hay temperatures

Whenever temperatures rise over a caution level, you will receive an alert SMS message to your mobile phone, identifying the overheated hay bale.

Haytech.net is the easy-to-use web application

Haytech.net is the easy-to-use web application for viewing the temperature status and controlling your HAYTECH system. Haytech.net can be used with a web browser on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

For the price of a manual thermometer, you will get a whole set of long-lasting wireless sensors with 24/7 monitoring.


While you’re reading this, one hay fire is breaking out

Thousands of farm fires are recorded every year, the majority igniting due to spontaneous combustion.


Stored hay can ignite by itself

A single hay bale can destroy your entire hay storage. It takes years to recover from that loss.


Heating reduces fodder quality

Rising temperatures harms the nutritional value of the hay.


All-in-one HAYTECH package including a selected number of wireless hay temperature sensor probes, alert messaging and visualization services.


  • Up to 500 wireless hay temperature sensor probes.
  • Reader and Base Station devices.
  • HAYTECH Service that includes alert messaging and visualization

Starting at;


excl. VAT


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Hay fire risk is real
  • Do you know how hot your hay has gone up to?
  • Fermentation is inevitable for fresh hay.
  • Spontaneous combustion is its unpredictable consequence.
Monitor your hay
  • HAYTECH is an easy-to-use monitoring solution.
  • Get warning messages in case of dangers.
  • See the real-time online view of hay storage status.
Quality for your profit
  • Good quality fodder increases well-being and profitability of animals.
  • Temperature has a direct effect on the quality of hay as fodder.
  • HAYTECH enables real time quality management from temperature measurements.

We also offer customisable loose hay temperature monitoring probes.