Get safe
while you are reading this,

one hay fire
is breaking out

while you are reading this,

one hay fire
is breaking out

Protect your hay from fire

HAYTECH can spare you from major loss

Hay fire
threat is real

More than 10,000 hay fires are recorded worldwide every year. 25% of the fires originate from spontaneous combustion of hay. This natural phenomenon can cause losses of hundreds of thousands of euros for the farm.

keeps watch

With sensors placed inside haystacks, the HAYTECH system monitors the temperature conditions of your hay – continuously and in real-time. You can check the status anytime through a web interface.

For your
peace of mind

Early warnings about overheating in your hay storage give you time to act. HAYTECH helps you to avoid risks of business disruptions and life threatening accidents. You have one thing less to worry about.

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Effective double-acting tool

HAYTECH improves safety and quality

Quanturi's HAYTECH solution does not only improve the safety of your farm, but it also keeps you updated on the quality of your fodder. HAYTECH is robust and easy to use – it does not add constraints to your daily work. HAYTECH solution is reliable, it gives you valuable and trustworthy information about your farm and increases your profitability – and your peace of mind.

Be responsive on time

HAYTECH monitors continuously the condition of your haystack. In case of an abnormal situation, you will receive an alarm SMS to your mobile phone. The web based visualization interface provides an overview of the hay temperature status, indicating increased temperatures. You can also review the temperature history of each sensor.

When quality counts

The quality of fodder is an essential element in your business. As the conditions are monitored throughout storage time, the HAYTECH system provides a clear indication about the quality of your fodder. It provides better traceability, reliable quality certification, and better management of your fodder.

The HAYTECH system

Quanturi’s HAYTECH system monitors continuously each stored hay bale, giving valuable real time information of the hay storage. The HAYTECH system includes a set of probes, a relay unit and a web application, displaying the real-time status and enabling subscription to alert messages. The required amount of probes depends on the bale count, or the volume of loose hay.

HAYTECH sensor probes are placed inside hay bales.

The relay unit sends the data to cloud service.

The user application visualizes the data and provides alerts if needed.

Simple utilisation, long lifetime

The HAYTECH relay unit is installed in the barn when the system is taken into use for the first time. Sensor probes are inserted in each hay bale during storage. Monitoring will start automatically and you will receive alert messages if any abnormal temperatures occur.

When taking a bale from the haystack, simply remove the probe and store it in the probe container. The probe is ready to be used for the next harvesting season. The robust probes are re-usable for at least five seasons.

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