Customized monitoring system

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Includes: Standard base station, 6x Tango XN 100 cm temperature probes, 6x Tango XN 200 cm temperature probes, 12-month Compost Supervisor service subscription and shipping.

HAYTECH is an easy-to-use hay temperature monitoring system. Simply insert wireless sensors into the hay bales and get alert messages about hay warming.

Get started with the all-in-one package including hay probes, the base station, repeater and an online service with alert messaging and temperature visualization.

 Wireless Probes

  • Robust and durable design enabling convenient handling, easy insertion and firm attachment in hay bales.
  • Orange attention-attracting color for easy detection in hay.
  • Several years of maintenance-free lifetime, extendable with a replaceable battery.
  • More probes can be added to the system for covering bigger amount of hay bales.
How many probes are needed?

The safest plan is to place one in each bale. However, even monitoring a portion of the haystack will increase security compared to manual temperature sampling.

Base station and Repeater devices:
The base station collects the data from the sensor probes and sends it to the online service application. 
The repeater device can be used on demand for strengthening the signal and extending the range between the Base Station and sensor probes.
The Online Service includes:
  • Alert messaging to 1 phone number.
  • Real-time temperature status display.
  • Base Station and Repeater devices.