Quanturi monitoring and data solutions

Quanturi is your partner in watching over your assets that are at risk of fermenting.

For the well-being of your hay


Rising temperatures is an early sign of hay fermentation, harming the hay quality and creating spontaneous combustion risks. With smart sensor probes placed inside the hay bales, the HAYTECH system monitors the status of your entire haystack in real-time. You will be alerted of any changes long before any action is needed.

Keep grain quality under control


Temperature management is vital to preventing grain spoilage caused by insects, mites, fungus and mycotoxins. With dedicated grain sensor probes, the HAYTECH system monitors the status of your grain stores in real-time, providing early warnings for problematic situations. Quanturi grain monitoring system is your support system for managing grain storage processes and ensuring compliance with insurance schemes.

Conformity for recycling processes


Process residues, such as residues from methanizers, can be effectively turned into compost. High-quality, certified fertilizer compost is obtained from meticulous and well-controlled temperature monitoring of the stockpiles during the transformation phase.
Quanturi provides wireless monitoring solutions for optimizing the recycling process of residues into compost and ensuring compliance with sanitary regulations.

Maximize the value of peat


Peat quality depends greatly on its storage conditions. Peat with temperatures going above 35 °C see remarkable quality degradation. In the worst case, peat can even heat up to the point where its spontaneously combusts and catches fire. Quanturi’s peat monitoring system is an easy and hassle-free wireless system that continuously follows in real-time peat stockpiles and provides data solutions to maximize the added value of peat while minimizing fire risks.

Other applications

Our solutions are compatible and extendable to any other industries handling unstable fermentable materials, such as waste processing. Contact us for more information