"We monitor anything itchy, scratchy or stinky"

Wireless monitoring solutions and data services for all fermentable materials.

Security and safety

Protect your assets. Monitoring can prevent fires caused by spontaneous combustion and reduce risks of injuries while handling fermentable materials.

Quality management and traceability

Enhance material quality, stability and control through automatic, real-time monitoring. Gain competitive advantage from optimized process management and certified product traceability


HAYTECH is a 24/7, wireless monitoring system for preventing hay fires and tracking fodder quality.


HAYTECH is a robust, cost-effective solution capable of simultaneously monitoring hundreds of hay bales.

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Quanturi Monitoring Solutions


Discover our full product line for monitoring fermentable materials like grain, compost, peat, wood chips and more.

“Haytech is a revolution in preventing hay fires caused by spontaneous combustion.”


Benoît Guillaume’s hay barn burst into fire on July 2nd, 2001. Today, Benoît knows how that devastating experience could have been avoided.



Our Solutions


The award-winning HAYTECH system is a solution for improving hay quality and preventing hay fires. HAYTECH monitors hay temperatures and transmits overheating warnings.



Quanturi is the pioneer in connected sensors and IoT for the farming industry. Quanturi provides state-of-the-art, wireless monitoring solutions and data services for all fermentable materials.