Privacy Policy

Personal data file description, in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999) Section 10:

Controller: Quanturi Oy (business ID: 2752725-9), Töölöntorinkatu 2 B, 00260 Helsinki, Finland Contact person for register queries: Nadine Pesonen, email

Name of Register: Quanturi Oy’s direct marketing register

Purposes of Processing the Personal Data

Personal data is processed for the following purposes: direct mail, online purchase, inquiries, remote marketing and other types of direct marketing, opinion and marketing surveys, and other comparable addressed deliveries. Personal data can be analyzed and processed to honor online purchases and target marketing based on the interests of the data subject.

Register’s Data Content

The register contains the following data: name, surname, delivery and invoicing address in case of online purchase, email address, phone number, company name, messages sent to Quanturi, downloads of Quanturi’s datasheets, brochures and other materials, direct marketing consent and restrictions, job application details (if sent through Quanturi’s website), any change data regarding such information.

Regular Sources of Information

Sources of information include registration details and other information you, as the data subject, are giving during Controller’s online marketing campaigns, online surveys, and online purchases. In addition, personal data is collected when you, as the data subject, are contacting Quanturi or are downloading datasheets, brochures or other materials from Controller’s website or Quanturi’s web applications. Personal data can also be gathered and updated from Controller’s other registers, Controller’s partners, and companies and authorities providing personal data-related services.

Data on Personal Behavior

Data on personal behavior includes the following: 

- Visits to Quanturi Oy’s website (IP address, browser, time and date, visited pages and cookie details). 

- Actions you, as the data subject, are performing on Quanturi’s website (entering information to purchasing and request forms, and downloading materials from Controller’s website). 

- Data on receiving Quanturi’s messages (emails, SMS) and how you, as the data subject, are reacting to them.

Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data

Personal data can be disclosed, in accordance with applicable legislation, unless the data subject has expressly denied disclosure. Personal data can thus be disclosed for purposes of online purchase handling, direct mail, remote marketing or other direct marketing, and opinion and marketing surveys. For technical processing purposes, personal data can be stored on the Controller’s subcontractors’ servers and accessed via technical means, in accordance with the obligations set forth in personal data legislation. Personal data is not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area unless necessary to fulfill the purposes of processing personal data described above.

Data Protection of the Register

Databases linked to the register are protected with firewalls, passwords, and other technical means generally accepted in the field of data protection. Databases, their backups, and manually maintained materials are physically located in protected premises. Only designated employees of Quanturi and designated employees of companies working for Quanturi can access the register containing personal data. Access to the register requires personal user credentials granted by the Controller.