An ecological action for our planet as a final gesture

A new ecological method to honor deceased persons was legalized in Washington State, USA in May 2019. This method, better known as natural organic reduction, is an alternative to so-called "classical" funerals such as burial and cremation.


Alfalfa opens to new markets! 

For us, experts in the agricultural field, alfalfa is associated with crops and livestock. In the form of a living plant, it can be a source of fertilizer for soils or fodder with high yield. Alfalfa is processed into pellets or into dehydrated or standard bales which are excellent feed for livestock.

But did you know that alfalfa also has surprising properties? 


SIVAM distributes HAYTECH in Italy

Quanturi is pleased to announce a new collaboration with SIVAM as strong distribution partner for the HAYTECH system in Italy. SIVAM has a long tradition as a provider for animal feed and supplements.

Quanturi è lieta di annunciare una nuova collaborazione con SIVAM come partner per la distribuzione del sistema HAYTECH in Italia. SIVAM ha una lunga tradizione come fornitore di mangimi e integratori per animali.


Quanturi and Supertech Agroline: new partnership to improve grain monitoring during storage

Quanturi, the Finnish Agtech company, frontrunner in IoT solutions for stored commodities, and Supertech Agroline, a Danish company, leader in measuring equipment for grain silo bins, have signed a partnership to integrate Agrolog products into Quanturi's grain monitoring systems.


La loi anti-gaspillage pour une économie circulaire

La loi relative à la lutte contre le gaspillage et à l'économie circulaire est parue au Journal officiel le 11 février 2020. La loi entend accélérer le changement de modèle de production et de consommation afin de limiter les déchets et préserver les ressources naturelles, la biodiversité et le climat. 


PRESSEARTIKEL: Temperaturmessungen auch als Brandschutz

Temperaturmessungen in Rottekörpern dienen grundsätzlich dem Nachweis der Einhaltung der Anforderungen an die Prozessüberwachung. Wenn kritische Temperaturen überschritten werden, können auch Warnmeldungen gesendet werden. Die drahtlose Temperaturmessung dient generell  der Reduzierung des Arbeitsaufwands während der Kompostierung.


PRESS ARTICLE: Farmscan distributes HAYTECH in Australia to prevent hay fires

Western Australian farm technology business Farmscan has recently partnered with Quanturi to bring the HAYTECH system to Australia, with interest from fodder growers and contractors wanting to safeguard their valuable bales.


PRODUCT RELEASE: Quanturi add multipoint measurements to its grain monitoring system

Get ready for the coming harvesting season! Quanturi’s new Multipoint grain monitoring system is bringing wider temperature monitoring coverage of grain stores for optimized grain storage management. The new system includes multipoint temperature measurements of grain at every meter inside storages and ambient temperature.


PRODUCT RELEASE: New compost monitoring system

PRODUCT RELEASE: We are thrilled to announce the release of our new system for compost monitoring. Our new product is a simple, yet powerful and robust solution to monitor the temperature of biowaste through all composting phases. Fermentation, sanitation, curing, maturing: all stages can be documented, monitored, analyzed and optimized for better composting results.


COMMUNIQUE DE PRESSE : Quanturi crée une filiale française dans le Jura

Quanturi crée une filiale pour répondre au fort développement du suivi de température des matières fermentescibles sur le marché français. Sa nouvelle implantation au cœur du Jura vise à être au plus proche du tissu agricole et à redynamiser le milieu rural.


PRESS RELEASE: Agile alarm application saves money on many fields

Quanturi Oy based in Espoo, Finland started to conquer the world by launching a temperature measuring system to detect temperature increase and self-combustion in hay storages. Now the company’s advanced technological innovation has prevented damage worth a quarter of a million Euros in Blomberg Stevedoring's warehouse in Vaasa.


A large scale HAYTECH System

Durepaire, based in Verdille, Charente, uses the HAYTECH system for continuous temperature monitoring of fodder. They have more than 500 sensors which they use to monitor the quality of their hay and limit the risk of fire.