Wireless temperature monitoring

Quanturi temperature monitoring systems can be customized to fit your bulk commodity needs.

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Temperature monitoring plays a vital role in identifying temperature-related events. Quanturi's monitoring system empowers you with real-time data that help you optimize the management of your assets. By knowing about small issues before they become big problems, you will avoid potential high losses and will maximize your profits.

Wireless monitoring

The wireless industrial sensors are customizable to various lengths up to 3 meters making them perfect for any type of storage.


Ensure productivity and monitor your assets 24/7. Remote monitoring can help you easily achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.


Monitor in real-time, access temperature data and receive alerts on your computer, phone or tablet if the temperature is outside of its nominal range.

Use cases of wireless temperature monitoring

Use case: Waste

When landfills temperatures begin to elevate significantly, rapid response is necessary to minimize impacts to the public, environment and costs to the owner. Each landfill is unique, and even with distinctive waste storage solutions the Quanturi system has the advantage of being a customizable, real-time, remote temperature monitoring solution that will fit to your needs.

Use case: Cotton Seed

To safeguard your cotton seeds from potential fires, it's crucial to establish effective fire prevention measures. This includes closely monitoring the temperature of the cotton seed stockpiles to minimize the risk of spontaneous combustion. Utilize wireless temperature sensors, strategically placing them throughout the stockpile to monitor temperature changes in the core. These sensors are adaptable to various storage sizes, making them suitable for piles up to 3 meters in length.
With the Quanturi system, you gain easy access to both historical and current temperature records.Conveniently trace and verify the quality of your cotton seeds through any web browser, whether on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Use case: Woodchip

It is advisable to have fire prevention plans which requires adequate monitoring of woodchip to minimize the likelihood of self-combustion.
The wireless industrial woodchip sensors can be distributed through the core of the stockpile and track temperature throughout the pile. They are customizable to any size length up to 3 meters, making them perfect for any type of storage.

Additionally, you can easily access your past and present records with the Quanturi system. The monitoring records ensure your woodchip’s compliance with assurance schemes. Simply trace and assure the quality of your woodchips through a web browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Use case: Peat

Peat quality depends greatly on its storage conditions. Peat with temperatures going above 35 °C see remarkable quality degradation. In the worst case, peat can heat up to a point where it spontaneously combusts and catches fire.
The Quanturi peat monitoring system is an easy and hassle-free wireless system that continuously follows in real-time peat stockpiles and provides data solutions to maximize the added value of peat while minimizing fire risks.

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