Wireless Compost Temperature Monitoring

Ensure regulatory compliance and avoid tedious, expensive and dangerous manual process.

Compost temperature monitoring made simple

The temperature of fermentable materials has a direct impact on the quality. Compost needs to exceed 50-70°C to be safe for use. 

Our temperature probes are wireless, extremely robust, solid and durable; hence allowing you to keep track of temperatures in composting materials.

With Quanturi compost monitoring system you can keep an eye on your temperatures and easily provide proof to the authorities and your customers that your product has been produced in compliance with all relevant temperature regulations.

The durable yellow probes are easy to spot, and they are suitable for both open windrow and in-vessel operations.


With the Quanturi compost monitoring system you will avoid the time-consuming, tedious and expensive task of manually measuring and documenting temperatures. Visualize and print your data easily and instantly.


The wireless Quanturi monitoring system reduces the risk of work accidents since there is less contact with the dangerous fumes. Place the probes and monitor remotely from the comfort of your office.


Quanturi monitoring system is suitable for open windrow and in-vessel operations, it provides evidence the product has reached required temperatures during the composting process, complying with relevant regulations. With the online service it's also easy to visualize and print your temperature records.

How does the system work?

Wireless probes

Wireless sensor probes measure the temperature of your materials 24/7.

Internet connection

The base station receives the measurement data and sends it to the online service.

Online service

In your account you can visualize temperature data and conveniently export it to create compliance reports.

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The Quanturi wireless compost temperature monitoring system.

Our technology assures you a boost in productivity from continuous monitoring of your compost all along the fermentation phases. The Quanturi system ensures the traceability of your compost, its quality and its consistency with the regulations in force. 

You can generate reports and have a complete view of the composting process from the temperature history. Setting temperature thresholds also allows you to receive phone alerts to proceed accordingly.Temperature monitoring is done via a computer or smartphone. Read more