Wireless Compost Temperature Monitoring

Ensure regulatory compliance and avoid tedious, expensive and dangerous manual process.

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Compost temperature monitoring made simple

Quanturi wireless monitoring system provides real-time and continuous temperature monitoring to optimize the transformation process of biowaste into compost.
The temperature history gives a complete view of the composting process from fermentation to curing and maturation. The generated reports are a guarantee for sanitary Authorities and customers that compost has been produced in compliance with the regulations in effect.
Quanturi’s connected temperature probes are yellow, easy to spot, extremely robust and are compatible with all installation configurations such as composting platforms and digestate management.


The Quanturi monitoring system avoids the tedious, expensive and imprecise task of manually measuring and documenting temperatures. The online service offers instant temperature visualization and conformity reports in accordance with the relevant sanitary regulations.


The wireless Quanturi monitoring system reduces risks of work accidents by avoiding contacts with dangerous fumes (e.g. ammoniac, nitrogen). Temperature monitoring is done remotely and continuously and is available online at any time.


The Quanturi system is compatible with all types of composting (windrows and in-vessels) and all types of inputs (green waste, sludge, digestate ...). Continuous temperature monitoring helps optimize the timing for turning and aerating compost during the decomposition phase and control the curing and maturing phases.

How does the system work?

Tango XN temperature probes

The Quanturi monitoring system contains extremely durable Tango XN temperature probes. The probes are placed in compost and measure wirelessly the temperature of compost. Their spike length is either 100 cm or 200 cm to answer to temperature monitoring criteria established by national Authorities. Also, their bright color is well visible in the compost material. The Tango XN temperature probes have been specifically designed for use in corrosive composting environment.

GPRS Base station

The GPRS base station collects the measurement data from the wireless Tango XN temperature probes and send them to Quanturi’s secure Cloud. The GPRS base station communicates via the mobile network.


Quanturi.app is the service application for controlling the temperature monitoring system. The application is available in web address: https://quanturi.app and can be accessed from any terminal (smartphone, computer, tablet) and at any time.

Compost Data plan

The Compost Data service plan gives full control over the temperature monitoring process of compost. The composting site can be virtually mapped to visualize the location and the temperature history of each probe placed in compost. Activity reports are also available for traceability and conformity of compost.
   Key features:
  • Real time and continuous temperature monitoring
  • Durable and well visible yellow wireless probes
  • Increased traceability towards a HACCP approach
  • Compatibility with all installation configurations
  • Composting platforms and digestate management
  • Remote monitoring of several composting platforms
  • Compliance with hygienisation phases of compost (for example, 55 °C/72h or 70 °C/1h or 65 °C/7d or 55 °C/14d according to the biomass)
  • Compliance with the Rottegrad test during maturation (temperature less than 40 °C)
  • Prevention of fire risk caused by self-heating
  • Prevention of work accidents by minimizing involvement in compost heaps.

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