Quanturi Oy based in Espoo Finland, started to conquer the world by launching a temperature measuring system to detect temperature increase and self-combustion in hay storages. Now the company’s advanced technological innovation has prevented damage worth a quarter of a million Euros in Blomberg Stevedoring's warehouse in Vaasa.

In a typical setting, when using sensors for hay temperature and quality monitoring the length of a sensor is usually less than half a meter. Nonetheless, for mass handling of grain, Blomberg acquired two and a half meter sensors. The technology developed by Quanturi measures and reports temperature constantly which the users can keep up with through a special application. The information comes through a cloud service to a computer, tablet or smartphone, and an alarm is sent to the users via SMS in case of any temperature irregularities.In

December 2018, Blomberg's warehouse in Vaasa had an emergency. The temperature of the raw materials for feed stored by the company began to increase. When the system alarmed them about the irregular temperatures, the freight forwarder informed the owner of the raw material batch immediately. At the request of the owner the batch was moved to another store to decrease temperature to a safe level. By reacting to the temperature increase quickly and early enough they prevented damage estimated at € 250,000.

– So far, the experience of using the system has been positive. Tracking the temperature is easy, and we are going to get more equipment from Quanturi and put it in our other warehouses, says terminal manager Kari Seranto from Blomberg Stevedoring.

Quanturi Oy offers solutions for industrial and agricultural quality control and damage prevention. For hay bales, the company has sold thousands of sensors worldwide under the HAYTECH brand name. In addition to the monitoring of grain stocks, the application of the technology is sturdily increasing in the compost sector. Additionally, Quanturi has solutions for temperature monitoring also in waste treatment, woodchips and peat production.

– IoT technology gives us many new opportunities. Continuous measurement and comprehensive data provide the basis for improving the quality of the end products. We have good projections for our growth, says Quanturi's CEO Nadine Pesonen.

Oy Blomberg Stevedoring Ab, which operates in the ports of Vaasa, Kalajoki, and Kristiinankaupunki, specializes in bulk handling of grain and raw materials for feed production, offering its customers logistic services, testing, analysis, and storage facilities.

The volumes are high: in 2018, for example, Blomberg was responsible for about 1,200,000 tons of raw material. Blomberg acquired Quanturi's temperature sensors to meet their need of large raw material inventory monitoring.

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