User Interview with Max Hartmann from SGL

October 2022

Interview mit Max Hartmann von SGL 

They have been using the Tango M grain monitoring system since June 2022.

What is the core business of SGL?

We, at SGL, are a system provider for soil and plant health with over forty years of experience. Evolving from a rural trading company and seed multiplication operation, we offer products and knowledge for sustainable agriculture.

Our focus lies in advising and imparting knowledge with actionable recommendations for daily work in the fields. Our own farming operations and experiments provide us with valuable agronomic insights and strategies. Furthermore, we produce high-quality cereal seeds for farmers and the trade.

What is your experience with the Quanturi temperature monitoring system?

After correctly positioning the base station and amplifier, the system has been working flawlessly from the start. We use the system to monitor the temperature of the grain in our flat storage facilities at the Erftstadt site. This involves approximately 7,000 tons of seed grain, which is processed to high quality seed, as well as around 5,000 tons of consumer grain, which we mainly sell to mills.

Are you satisfied with the material (hardware)?

Yes, the probes are robust and have functioned without incidents. We mainly use 300 cm probes at 4-5m bulk height. The good thing is that they measure at multiple points along the probe.

Detaillierter Temperaturverlauf einer Tango M Lanze | Detailed temperature profile of a Tango M lance

Are you satisfied with the software?

Yes, absolutely. The hourly measurements and alarms have helped us efficiently control the ventilation, turning it on and off as needed. This allowed us to optimize energy consumption, react quickly to any deviations, and maintain the high quality of the product.

With the virtual warehousing and regular temperature data in the app, we have constant oversight of the temperature distribution in our warehouses.

Are you satisfied with the service?

Absolutely. We received excellent guidance from the outset, conducting various tests on our premises with Mrs. Tanda before purchasing the system and verifying signal strengths. Similarly, we had a contact person available during the system's initialization who could answer all our questions.

Grafikverlauf einer Tango M Lanze | Temperature courve of a Tango M lance

Does the system make your work easier?

Definitely. It saves money and time. Previously, an employee had to walk around daily, climb onto the grain piles, manually measure and record temperatures. Now, this employee can attend to other tasks—there's always plenty to do!

Another useful aspect for us is the ability to export temperature data. This facilitates our reporting for quality certification.

Visualisierung in der App. Details eines virutellen Lagers | Visualisation in the app. Virtual Storage details

SGL Saaten, Getreide, Landhandel GmbH

Maximilian Hartmann

Siedlerweg 21

50374 Erftstadt-Gymnich

Contact :

Valentina Tanda

Sales Manager Germany

+49 179 729 5947