We at Heu-Heinrich have been farmers in the Thuringian Forest for over 10 years and cultivate approx. 130 hectares of extensive organic grassland in the colorfully blooming, species-rich mountain meadows.

The production of the highest quality hay for small animals is one of our core businesses. Every year we produce about 800 square bales 80x60x200. We pride ourselves on the care we take on each step of the production: from the preparation of the soil to the harvesting, drying, transport and packaging of the hay. The processes as well as the end-product are always monitored and tested by external biologists and service providers. In 2023 we will expand to about 220 ha and we will also add a loose drying plant.

HAYTECH probe in haybale


We are aware of the importance of monitoring the temperature of the hay bales during storage. Hay moisture and harvest weather change from year to year, and fermentation is inevitable with fresh hay. Spontaneous combustion is an unpredictable consequence, even for experts.

With HAYTECH, we can continuously and easily check the temperature inside the hay bales. The Quanturi app transmits important data, which is also available via mobile phone at any time. HAYTECH simplifies and professionalizes our processes. Manual measurement is thus largely eliminated, and the risk of hay heating is minimized.

Heinrich Meusel


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Heinrich Meusel

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