PRODUCT RELEASE: Quanturi add multipoint measurements to its grain monitoring system

Get ready for the coming harvesting season! Quanturi’s new Multipoint grain monitoring system is bringing wider temperature monitoring coverage of grain stores for optimized grain storage management. The new system includes multipoint temperature measurements of grain at every meter inside storages and ambient temperature. This makes it a powerful tool to get full insights of grain temperature and optimize the drying and ventilation processes. Temperature history, specific alerts for specific grain storages, traceability, reporting, annotation: all is included under our new solution to ensure the highest quality of grain during storage.

Visualisation of Quanturi multipoint temperature monitoring system application!

Our monitoring solution is composed of wireless Multipoint temperature probes that are placed in grain silos or flat storages. The probes measure in real-time and continuously the temperature of grain at every meter inside grain for full coverage. The probes also measure the ambient temperature, making it a great tool to optimize the drying and ventilation processes. Data is sent to the secure Cloud-based platform for online visualization and SMS alerts. Our monitoring system is tailored for both grain silos and bulk storages. Specially designed features include:

Temperature History

• Temperature history for each individual probe for up to 1 year. 
• Clear interface allowing temperature comparison between multiple measurement points inside grain and ambient temperature. 
• Adjustable viewing period per day, month or year.

Conformity reporting

• Traceable data reports for each batch of grain. 
• Data analyzing, reporting and archiving. 
• Data export for further analysis.

Virtual storage mapping

• Virtual custom location map of the storing facility. 
• Probe placement for easier location in case of alerts. 
• Instant overview over the heat distribution within one storage.

Alert SMS messages

You can set custom alert levels for all your Tango M Sensors and individual alerts for Sensor groups. You will receive an alert SMS in case temperatures rise above those levels.

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