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Now with the smart probes produced by the Finnish company Quanturi and distributed in Italy by Sivam, it is possible to constantly monitor the temperature of the hay, prevent the risk of fires, and preserve the nutritional value of the product."

With HAYTECH, the quality of the forage is guaranteed

Months of preparation for haymaking, and it only takes a few minutes to see not only the entire barn in flames. The presence of too much moisture, poor air circulation, or strong compression of the material is enough to trigger fermentation phenomena within the mass.

If the heat generated by fermentation is not properly dissipated, the forage can undergo spontaneous combustion in less than 24 hours, leading to fires that are almost impossible to extinguish. In this case, prevention is indeed better than cure, and the Finnish company Quanturi, with its forage temperature monitoring system, enters the field with this perspective. HAYTECH technology, distributed in Italy by Sivam, provides a concrete solution in terms of business security. Through 24-hour wireless monitoring of stored forage temperature, you will have an additional tool to reduce the risk of fires and also control the quality, avoiding the distribution of "cooked" hay in the feed troughs.

The probes come ready to use and only need to be loaded into the management software. Each probe is individually numbered and wirelessly transmits the temperatures of the forage to the control unit.

The system also communicates with the farmer's smartphone. Alarm levels can be customized according to individual needs. The application displays, in a 3D model, the position of the probes inside the barn. For each probe, a graph is generated showing the temperature trend within a specific monitored bale.

Risk of overheating

To reach the "heart" (as well as the most sensitive point to overheating) of  forage and monitor the temperature, simply position a HAYTECH smart wireless probe at the center of the hay bale. The probes are designed for both square and cylindrical bales, and for the latter, the only precaution is to position them on the flat side. Installing the HAYTECH system is simple because after connecting the control unit to the power supply, the probes can detect the temperature of the forage and send the recorded data to the company computer or smartphone, without the use of wires.

It will be sufficient to install the HAYTECH management program, and the data collected in the field will be processed into a graph that provides not only the real-time reading of the temperature of each hay bale (easily identifiable thanks to the serial numbers on the probes) but also the temperature variation that the forage has undergone.

Yes, I was aware.

Heating of the forage between 40°C and 60°C results in a 15% loss of energy value and a 30% decrease in protein digestibility.

The technology developed by Quanturi offers an additional function: it is possible to customize, based on the characteristics of the barn, certain alarms that signal an abnormal rise in temperature of the hay. Simply provide a critical threshold to the system, and the alert will prompt a quick intervention by the farmer. This allows for the removal of the hay at risk of combustion from the remaining part, thus preventing more serious consequences.

"With HAYTECH within the Sivam offering, we add even more value to the quality of our products," Product Manager Piergiorgio Matta emphasizes. "Especially at the beginning and during the hot season, when the importance of fresh and healthy food becomes even more relevant."

In foto: Piergiorgio Matta 

Junior Product Manager Monitoring presso Sivam

Economic advantage

Thanks to the extensive coverage of the control unit, which can manage up to 200 probes, monitoring the temperature of the entire barn in real-time without any effort is now possible. Moreover, maintenance is minimal considering that the battery has a lifespan of 2-3 years and can be easily replaced by contacting the Quanturi service.

The system can be summarized in 3 words: safety, ease of use, and reliability. It provides the farmer with valuable support for risk prevention on the farm, while also limiting economic losses resulting from raw material deficits.

It goes without saying that overheated forage will be less appetizing and nutrient-poor. On the other hand, by constantly monitoring the temperature of the forage, high-quality feed will be provided in the feed troughs, supporting the high productive performance of the cattle.

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