24/7 situation awareness on haystacks

HAYTECH Enterprise: your complete solution for managing hay

HAYTECH Enterprise is a complete monitoring solution for managing the entire lifetime of hay. The solution is specifically designed for alfalfa dehydration plants, hay producers, hay exporters and dairy farmers.
  • Prevention of hay fires

  • Hay fermentation control

  • Hay quality analysis

  • Inventory management

Site overview for 24/7 situation awareness

Get the full overview on your haystacks at one glance. Your facility ground plan is fully mapped, giving you a fast and powerful way to control the entire situation on your site at once.  ​

Each haystack is color-coded according to key indicators such as temperature or quality. Critical haystacks and their locations can be clearly pointed out for further actions. 

HAYTECH Heating Surveillance for preventing hay fires

HAYTECH Heating Surveillance monitors the internal temperature of hay bales in real-time. In case of dangers, notifications are issued, and SMS alerts are sent to mobile phones for preventive actions against hay fires. 

The HAYTECH Heating Surveillance provides detailed subsystem views with temperature distribution inside each haystack.

The measurement data of selected single hay bales is displayed as a temperature chart. The temperature chart provides a detailed view on the temperature progress over its entire storage time. 

HAYTECH Fermentation Control for quality management ​

The HAYTECH Fermentation Control offers statistics about the entire hay site all year round. Full control and site awareness help optimize storing processes and best usage of hay. 

The HAYTECH Fermentation Control is a powerful tool to analyze the average storage time for each single hay bale, the turnaround at the site, and the overall storing costs.

Quality analysis gives an estimate about the overall quality of hay during storage. Combined with the market metrics, this can translated into grading of each hay bale.  

Find out how Durepaire, one of the major alfalfa dehydrating plants, is using HAYTECH Enterprise to prevent hay fires and control hay quality.

"Offering high quality hay to our clients is very important to us. HAYTECH has allowed us to get real-time temperature data which helps us have control of the end product. "

- Durepaire - Hay broker company

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Adopt the state-of-the-art IoT system​

HAYTECH Enterprise is based on the state-of the-art and automated sensor technology developed by Quanturi, where each hay bale is equipped with a wireless probe for real-time and continuous temperature monitoring. Individual measurements are gathered and analyzed in Quanturi's cloud platform resulting in a predictive analysis of each single hay bale.

HAYTECH Enterprise is available for purchase based on a sensor & service model or with a full solution as a service model.