Quanturi Inc. and John Deere Announce Exclusive Partnership to expand the presence of HAYTECH in the US and Canada.

Helsinki, Finland - May 21, 2024 - Quanturi Inc., a pioneer in innovative Ag-tech solutions, is excited to announce a partnership with John Deere, a global leader in agricultural machinery and solutions. This strategic collaboration will help expand Quanturi’s cutting-edge HAYTECH product to farmers in the US and Canada, enhancing their ability to monitor and manage stored hay safely and efficiently. This means HAYTECH will be available in-store at John Deere dealers all over the US and Canada.

“Having an exclusive dealer agreement with a global brand and an exceptional team like John Deere is an incredible opportunity for us and farmers across North America. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to bring smart and user-friendly technology locally to US and Canadian farmers. Farmers can now simplify their hay management and enhance efficiency in their operations easier than ever before.”

Nadine Pesonen

CEO Quanturi Inc

Introducing HAYTECH: Revolutionizing Hay Monitoring

Quanturi’s HAYTECH probes are designed to provide wireless, real-time temperature monitoring for hay stored in stacks or barns. This advanced technology allows users to track temperature changes conveniently from their mobile devices, ensuring they can respond swiftly to potential hazards such as spontaneous haystack fires.

Key Features and Benefits of HAYTECH

Wireless Temperature Monitoring: 24/7-Real-time tracking without the need for physical checks.

Mobile Accessibility: Monitor temperature data and receive alerts directly on mobile devices

Customizable Alerts: Set specific temperature thresholds to get notified of significant changes.

Historical Data Analysis: Analyze temperature trends over time to understand their impact on hay quality. 

Safety and Quality Assurance: Make decisions to prevent potential fires and preserve the nutrient value of stored hay.

Enhancing Farm Operations with Real-Time Data

With HAYTECH, farmers can monitor temperature fluctuations over time, providing critical insights into how these changes impact the nutrient value of their hay. This feature not only ensures the safety of stored hay but also helps maintain the quality of livestock feed, contributing to better overall farm productivity.

Exclusive Partnership with John Deere

“John Deere is excited to partner with Quanturi to bring their innovative technology to farmers through John Deere dealers across the US and Canada. Quanturi’s HAYTECH product is a natural complement to John Deere’s robust hay equipment portfolio. Quanturi extends John Deere dealers’ ability to solve farmers’ problems from out of the hay field into the shed by helping manage and monitor hay inventory from their phones.”

Rob Rippchen

John Deere Baling and Mowing Business Manager

About Quanturi Inc.

Quanturi Inc. is a leading company in the Ag-tech sector, committed to developing smart solutions for the agricultural industry. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in the US and France, Quanturi specializes in technologies that improve safety, efficiency, and productivity for farmers worldwide.

About John Deere

John Deere (NYSE: DE) is a world leader in providing advanced products and services for agriculture, forestry, construction, and lawn and turf care. Since 1837, the company has delivered innovative solutions to help professionals achieve more through the power of technology and sustainable practices.

Contact information:

Quanturi Inc.

Brett Saxby

Email: brett.saxby@quanturi.com

Phone: +1 650 476 5453

Website: www.haytechsystem.com

For more information on the exclusive partnership and HAYTECH products, please contact Quanturi Inc. directly.

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