Quanturi loose hay temperature monitoring system

With smart sensor probes placed inside the hay, the HAYTECH temperature monitoring system monitors the status of your entire haystack in real-time. You’ll get to know well in time, when your attention is needed.
Place the wireless probes in the loose hay storage you want to monitor.

Follow the simple steps to login to your online service account and plug in the base station.

You can check on your hay whenever you want from your phone, tablet or computer. If temperatures start rising, you will receive an SMS alert.

Tango Temperature probes


Quanturi temperature probes are wireless, extremely robust, solid and durable, hence allowing and continuous tracking of temperature of loose hay in real-time.

The standard base station

Our standard base station is connected to the internet via Ethernet. It is suitable for indoor use only and should be placed inside your office or home and not further than 200m from the hay storage. It collects the data from the probes in the storage. A repeater can be placed in between to extend the distance

Combine HAYTECH and Tango sensors

Our probes and devices are compatible. If you store both loose hay and hay bales, you can simply combine our Tango sensors with HAYTCH sensors on one system.  

Your new assistant 

Quanturi.app is our web service for visualizing the measurement data from the wireless probes. Here you will access an instant overview over all your HAYTECH probes and will be able to set the alert levels that will trigger the SMS alarms. Further you will be able to follow the temperature history of your probes, to monitor the feed value change, to change the display name of each probe, to make notes and place your probes in a handy virtual storage locator to find them easier in case of danger.

Tracking your hay in Quanturi.app gives you more clarity and accountability so you can make great quality hay and prevent fires.

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