The HAYTECH service plans

Tracking your hay in gives you more clarity and accountability so you can make great quality hay and prevent fires. To get the best results you need the power of Quanturi PREMIUM features.

The plans in comparison

Sensor list
Adjustable alert levels
Assistant phone numbers13
Temperature history
Probe naming
Storage locator


Temperature Overview

See all the sensors on one glance. The Sensors are displayed with their ID and the latest measurement with timestamp. Hottest sensors are displayed on top by default. You can change the order by clicking on the column titles.

Alert Levels

Customize the temperature limits for dispatching the warning and alert messages. 

Alert SMS

When the measured temperature reaches 58°C you will receive the first warning message. You will be warned about further temperatures after every 2°C increase.

Above 68°C, alert messages will be sent after every 1°C temperature rise.


Temperature History

View the measurement data in a graph. It’s important to know the history of the hay you produce to regulate and proof quality. You can display the history for the time period of one day, one week or one month.

Assistant phones

Add more phone numbers to receive alert messages. Alert message will be dispatched to the phone numbers you add. This is a huge advantage because you have multiple people who are aware of the situation and can add a layer of security in case the principal person is away from the farm.

Storage locator

Record the sensor positions with the Storage locator while stacking the bales. If you get a heat alert, you can easily locate the overheated bale from the stack for further protective actions.

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