The Quanturi wireless compost temperature monitoring system

The Quanturi compost temperature monitoring system wirelessly monitors the temperature of compost heaps. It reduces labor costs while increasing efficiency, quality, and operational control. 

How does the compost monitoring system work?

Wireless probes

Wireless compost temperature sensors measure the temperature of your materials 24/7.

Internet connection

The base station receives the measurement data and sends it to the online service.

Online service

In your account you can visualize temperature data and create compliance reports.

Quanturi temperature monitoring probes for compost

Quanturi compost monitoring probes are wireless, extremely robust, solid and durable; hence allowing tracking of temperatures in compost windrows in real-time and continuously.

The durable yellow probes are easy to spot, and they are suitable for both open windrows and in-vessel operations. The recommended size for compost is 100 cm spike length, but our probes are also available in 200 cm length for extra large windrows.

The GPRS base station

Our GPRS base station contains a SIM card and is able to communicate directly via the mobile network with our secure cloud. You can install this base station anywhere and no fixed internet connection is required. A repeater can be used to extend the distance to the probes.

The compost DATA service plan

The Compost Data service plan gives full control over the temperature monitoring process of compost. The composting site can be virtually mapped to visualize the location and the temperature history of each temperature probe placed in compost. Activity reports are also available for traceability and conformity of compost. The application is available in web address:

Compost process monitoring

Specific compost processes such as sanitation, maturation, curing or fermentation can be defined and tracked over time to ensure conformity of compost.

The best compost monitoring system to manage all compositing phases!

Process control

The Quanturi system monitors the temperature of compost piles in real-time and continuously. Turning, aeration, maturation processes can be planned accordingly at the right time.

The most powerful feature to optimize composting processes!

Conformity reporting

Traceable data reports for the entire composting site (processes, temperatures, annotations, descriptions) are archived and readily available for compliance with national sanatory regulations.

The Number One in conformity reports!

Temperature history for traceability

Continuous monitoring gives a complete view on the composting process from fermentation to curing and maturation. Monitoring of several composting sites under one single interface is also possible. 

Site mapping for full control

The composting site can be virtually mapped to visualize the location and temperature history of each temperature sensing probe placed in the compost heaps. This allows comparison of the temperature distribution over compost windrows. 

Annotation for efficiency

Renaming of sensors, process description, notes and comments about the nature of biowaste, origin, bioplant, customer or any other important information is available through the easy to use interface.

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