The Quanturi wireless compost temperature monitoring system

Remotely monitor your compost

The Quanturi compost system wirelessly monitors the temperature of your compost. 

It reduces labor costs while increasing efficiency, quality, and operational control.

The Quanturi compost system includes:

  1. Wireless temperature probes for compost 
  2. Base station connected to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi cable 
  3. Alert SMS message 
  4. Visualization from computer, tablet or smartphone 

Benefits of the Quanturi compost system


  1. Up to 500 connected probes (reference: Durepaire SAS) 
  2. Very long range which can be extended with repeaters 
  3. Yellow probes which are easy to handle and contrasts the color of the compost 



  1. Accessible from the computer, tablet or smartphone
  2. Access to real-time data
  3. Temperature history
  4. SMS alert messages


Wireless temperature probes for compost


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